Unlike many other criminal offenses, the result of every DUI crime is different. In most DUIs, no one is actually hurt and no property is damaged. On the other hand, drunk drivers are also responsible for tragic and heartbreaking accidents with multiple fatalities. At what point should the law simply say “enough is enough” when it comes to a chronically repeating DUI offender?

Obviously, almost anyone – no matter how careful you – can make a mistake or be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you’re charged with DUI in southern California – whether it’s a first offense or whether you been charged with DUI before – get the legal help you need by contacting an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney at once.

If you’re arrested for DUI even two or three times, you can blame it on bad luck, and you need to be much more careful about driving and avoiding alcohol. But what about the person arrested for DUI ten or fifteen times? Clearly here, we are speaking about a thoughtless person who isn’t helped by DUI classes or rehab and who isn’t intimidated by the law. What’s scarier is that such a person doesn’t care about his or her own life – and thus can’t be expected to care about yours or mine.

A Colorado man, Danny Lovern, was recently arrested in that state for DUI for the sixteenth time. Unlike California, where a fourth DUI is a felony, subsequent DUIs are not felonies in Colorado and four other states. The maximum jail time that Lovern faced for a sixteenth DUI was one year. The Colorado prosecutor, George Brauchler, took an innovative approach. He took Lovern’s case to a grand jury, and the grand jury indicted Lovern on a number of charges including assault and “attempted” manslaughter. Brauchler convinced the jurors that for Lovern, simply getting behind the wheel while intoxicated constituted the assault and attempted manslaughter of anyone who might have been in his way.

As noted, California punishes chronic DUI offenders more harshly than Colorado, so it’s unlikely that a similar case could happen in our state. But if you face any DUI charge in southern California, now or in the future, put your case at once in the trustworthy hands of an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney.