Generally speaking, when an insurance company sees that you have a DUI on your driving record, your auto insurance rates will increase, and not just a little. Based on a study of car insurance quotes, premium amounts may jump from 30 to 100 percent or more. In North Carolina, for example, you get 12 points on your license for a DUI, which could cause your rate to spike 340 percent. While California rates may not rise to that percentage, a DUI conviction is going to hurt substantially when it comes time to pay the insurance premium. You can avoid the problem entirely, of course, by not drinking and driving at all, but if you’re accused of DUI in southern California, your wisest option is obtaining legal help promptly by contacting an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney.

Insurance companies treat DUI as seriously risky behavior. A conviction will cause you to lose any preferred customer status that you’ve attained. Your car insurance company may even cancel you at the end of your policy, and you’ll have to find coverage with a new company that insures high-risk drivers. Insurance company guidelines are governed by state law and determine how long your rates will be affected by a DUI conviction. In California, a DUI conviction prevents you from receiving a safe-driver discount for a full ten years.

The SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that many states require when your license is reinstated after a DUI. When you purchase the required insurance coverage and have your insurer file the SR-22, it tells the state that you have the required coverage in place. After a DUI conviction and the reinstatement of your driving privilege, you must continue to carry the SR-22 for one to five years. If you cancel your insurance during this time, the state will be notified, and your license and vehicle registration will be probably be suspended. Be wise about protecting your future. If you’re charged with DUI in southern California, get the legal help you need and take your case at once to an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney.