If you’ve been charged with DUI in California, prosecutors will usually ask the court to suspend your driver’s license for six months – or longer, depending on the details of your case. If you need to drive for work, school, or other responsibilities, a license suspension can be consistently aggravating and inconvenient. Of course, not drinking at all before driving is the best option, but if your driving privilege is threatened by a DUI charge, you can minimize or eliminate some of the inconvenience by taking proactive measures:

1. Retain the services of an experienced California DUI defense attorney right away. The license suspension will go into effect quickly and automatically. A good DUI defense lawyer may be able to stop the suspension or shorten its length.

2. When you learn how long you’ll be without a license, devise an action strategy. Make a list of goals you need to achieve like keeping your job, getting the kids to school and back, arranging to purchase groceries, etc. Once you have a final list, look at each goal and determine how to achieve it. Can the kids carpool with friends? Can a neighbor or friend help with groceries? Can public transportation offer any help? An experienced California DUI defense attorney has dealt with scores of clients in your situation and may be able to offer helpful suggestions.

3. Follow your plan and expect some setbacks. You can’t help if it friends who promise rides fail to show up or if a boss changes his or her mind about an arrangement you’ve made. Deal with these kinds of setbacks resourcefully.

If your driver’s license has been – or is about to be – suspended, your most important move is retaining the services of an experienced California DUI attorney. There’s no reason not to fight a license suspension. Every case is different, so you’ll need the advice of a good DUI defense lawyer to help you decide on the appropriate course of legal action. If you are or have been charged with DUI and face a driver’s license suspension in California, speak with an experienced California DUI defense attorney right away.