If you are charged with DUI in Orange County or anywhere in the southern California area, contact an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney at once, and do not make these mistakes:

1. Don’t fail to realize the seriousness and possible consequences of a DUI conviction. It will remain on your record permanently and may be counted as a prior offense for the next ten years. A DUI conviction can mean jail time, probation, an alcohol education program, a driver’s license suspension, and thousands of dollars in fines and fees.

2. Don’t fail to appear in court. If you don’t appear, the Court will issue a bench warrant for your arrest and revoke any bond. However, in most misdemeanor cases, your DUI attorney can appear in court on your behalf.

3. Don’t fail to request a hearing to retain your driver’s license. You have ten days from the date of your arrest to request an Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing to fight your automatic license suspension. Contact a skilled DUI defense lawyer immediately following your arrest to ensure that a hearing is scheduled.

4. Don’t discuss your case with anyone but your attorney. Anything you say – to anyone except your attorney – can and will be used against you. Communication between you and your attorney is privileged and cannot be used against you. Especially do not post comments, pictures, or information regarding your case on Facebook, Twitter, or other public forums. Today, Facebook is often the first place a prosecutor looks for corroborating evidence.

5. Do not fail to put an experienced DUI attorney to work for you. In Orange County or anywhere else in southern California, if you’re facing a DUI charge – now or in the future – consult an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney and get the legal help you need as quickly as possible.