If you think that a DUI conviction can’t happen to you, here’s a wake-up call. A former San Francisco DUI prosecutor who already had two DUI convictions tried to use his badge to avoid arrest and a third conviction. A State Bar of California judge has recommended a two-year suspension of the law license of Marc Guillory, a San Francisco deputy district attorney from 2006 to 2012. While in San Francisco and in a similar position in San Bernadino County, Guillory handled more than 100 DUI cases.

Before he became an attorney, Guillory had a conviction in 1999 for misdemeanor reckless driving with alcohol in his system.

As a San Francisco prosecutor, Guillory was convicted of misdemeanor DUI in 2008, 2010, and again in 2012.

Before each DUI arrest, Guillory flashed his deputy district attorney’s badge at the arresting officer. Police officers said they took Guillory’s action, called “badging,” as a request for special treatment. The officers testified at a six-day State Bar Court hearing in San Francisco in November.

“As a former DA who prosecuted DUIs, respondent is well aware of the wide swath of death, pain, grief, and untold physical and emotional injury that the drunk driver cuts across the roads of California and the rest of this country,” State Bar Court hearing judge Pat McElroy wrote in a ruling handed down in February. The suspension of Guillory’s law license will not be effective until it is approved by the California Supreme Court.

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