In California, offenders convicted of DUI face a full range of likely legal consequences: fines, a suspended driver’s license, alcohol education classes and counseling, probation, and possible jail time. Judges also order most DUI offenders to install – and pay for – Interlock Ignition Devices (IIDs) on their vehicles. IIDs are basically breathalyzers that prevent your vehicle from starting unless you provide an alcohol-free breath sample. IID installation is required in California for those convicted of a second or subsequent DUI, and in some counties it’s required if you’re convicted of a first offense. If you’re arrested and charged with DUI in southern California, you’ll need immediate legal help – call an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney right away. Although IID installation is a legal requirement for many California DUI offenders, the courts will grant exemptions in these particular circumstances:

  • If at the time of sentencing you reside 50 miles or more from the nearest IID service facility and installing an IID would create an undue hardship on you or your family.
  • If you prove that the vehicle registered in your name is inoperable and you cannot transfer title of the vehicle.
  • If you are an employee who drives an employer-owned vehicle as part of your employment, you may operate the employer-owned vehicle without an IID.
  • If you are an out-of-state resident and installing an IID would cause undue hardship on you or your family.
  • If you are the sole proprietor of a business with two or more vehicles registered in your name, only one must be IID-equipped.
  • If the court concludes that the hardship imposed by IID installation outweighs the likelihood that the offender will drink and drive while on probation.


You should know that California judges are exceedingly reluctant to excuse those convicted of DUI from the IID requirement. A good DUI defense lawyer can provide you with more details about IID exceptions, but the best strategy, of course, is to avoid drinking and driving entirely. If despite your efforts, you’re accused of DUI in southern California, promptly get the legal help you’re going to need; call an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney immediately.