If you’re a professional person in southern California, a DUI charge is something that you very much want to avoid. In addition to the judicial process for your DUI charge and the DMV’s action to suspend your driving privilege, you may face even more penalties from the group that issues your professional license. This means you’re going to need a good DUI defense lawyer with experience before California’s professional licensing boards. An experienced DUI defense attorney will provide you with the help you need should a licensing board take action against you.

One concern for most licensing boards is the possibility of addiction. You may need evidence and witnesses to show that your DUI incident was a “one-off” and that you are not addicted to alcohol (or any other intoxicant). And licensing boards are typically very concerned when the crime that you are charged with is a crime of moral “turpitude,” a depraved act which expresses a thoughtless disregard for other persons. Again, you’ll need evidence and witnesses to show that your DUI charge was an isolated incident. In California, an experienced DUI defense attorney can help professional people facing a DUI charge to challenge disciplinary actions or the denial or revocation of a professional license. Accountants, attorneys, physicians, nurses, pilots, real estate agents, civil engineers, contractors, dentists, pharmacists, and teachers are among the professionals whose California licenses may be denied or revoked due to a DUI charge.

A good California DUI defense attorney can help you deal with professional licensing boards, but do not wait. Even the finest attorney needs as much time as possible to prepare your defense. If you are a professional person charged with DUI in southern California, get the help you need, protect your career, and speak to an experienced California DUI defense attorney as quickly as possible.