If you hold a professional license in the state of California, you absolutely want to avoid a DUI arrest or conviction. If you are charged with driving under the influence in southern California, along with the criminal DUI charge, you can also face disciplinary action regarding your professional license. You’re going to need the advice and services of an experienced Orange County DUI attorney who has experience before California’s professional licensing boards as well as considerable criminal defense experience. The right DUI attorney will know how to help if a licensing board acts against you.

Licensing boards are legitimately concerned about alcoholism and drug addiction. You may have to persuade a licensing board that your DUI arrest was an “isolated” one-time incident and not in any way a reflection of your routine habits and true character. Boards are also concerned about crimes of “moral turpitude,” so the details of your DUI case will be scrutinized. If you were driving recklessly when you were stopped, or if you had minors in your vehicle as passengers, that could complicate your efforts to keep your professional license. On the other hand, if you are arrested, for example, at a DUI checkpoint, you are cooperative, you are only slightly above the legal limit, and it’s a first offense, chances are good that you’ll be able to retain your professional license.

However, every case is different, so you must be prepared and have high-quality legal representation. Accountants, engineers, contractors, doctors and dentists, attorneys, nurses, pilots, real estate agents, pharmacists, and teachers are among the many in California whose professional licenses may be at risk because of a DUI charge or conviction. If you are a professional accused of driving under the influence, retain the legal help you need to dispute the charge and to protect your professional license, and contact an experienced Orange County DUI attorney promptly.