Technology marches on. Judges in California have ordered a number of DUI offenders to wear a “SCRAM” bracelet. SCRAM stands for “Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor,” an alcohol-detecting bracelet that a DUI offender wears around the ankle. The tamper-resistant gadget detects alcohol vapor released from the skin through sweat. The SCRAM bracelet tests for alcohol throughout the day and send results to a monitoring station.

DUI offenders who are ordered to refrain from alcohol or risk going to jail may be compelled to wear a SCRAM bracelet to guarantee compliance. Many California judges only require the SCRAM bracelet for defendants with prior DUI convictions who are thought to have alcohol-dependency issues. If the bracelet is detached or the offender drinks alcohol, a signal is sent to a monitoring station and the court is notified. Offenders must pay for the device themselves, but the court may subsidize part of the expense for those defendants with financial constraints.

Wearing a SCRAM bracelet is not the equivalent of house arrest. Those wearing the bracelet are free to work, shop, or attend school without first notifying a probation officer or other officer of the court. According to Alcohol Monitoring Systems, the SCRAM bracelet’s manufacturer, those using the device should not “use or possess any product containing alcohol, including (but not limited to): mouthwash, medicinal alcohol, household cleaners and disinfectants, lotions, body washes, perfumes, colognes, or other hygiene products that contain alcohol. No products other than soap and water should be used on the skin around the bracelet.”

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