California courts offer defendants in most cases a plea bargain agreement called a “standard offer.” The same basic plea deal is offered to everyone charged with the same offense. All defendants, for example, charged with first time misdemeanor DUI are given the same standard offer. The standard offer helps prosecutors quickly resolve cases and keeps the courts from becoming even more backlogged. However, if you are a defendant, accepting the standard offer is rarely a good idea.

In the state of California, if you are arrested on DUI, you will likely be charged and assigned a court date, called your arraignment. Three things happen at your arraignment hearing: a judge will outline for you the charge(s) and maximum sentences; you will enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest; and the judge or prosecutor will provide you with a “standard offer.”

The problem is that even when two people face the same charge, their actual behaviors could be significantly different. Some charged with DUI have a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08 percent, while others may have a BAC level of 0.12 percent. For one person, the charge may be a first offense; another may have an extensive criminal record. It’s not really fair that the standard offer is the same to both defendants. The standard offer fails to consider your record, who you are, or the circumstances of your arrest.

That’s why it’s utterly imperative that if you are charged with DUI, you consult immediately with an experienced California DUI defense attorney. A good DUI defense attorney will review the standard offer, evaluate your case, and determine if the offer is right or wrong for you. Furthermore, an experienced DUI defense attorney will defend your legal rights, help compile evidence and witnesses on your behalf, and negotiate to have your charges(s) reduced or entirely dismissed. Do not risk a conviction; if you are charged with DUI in California, speak immediately to a good California DUI defense lawyer. Your freedom and your future are too important to risk.