Problems with alcohol impact the lives of nearly 33 million adults, according to a recent survey conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), and most of those 33 million have never obtained counseling or treatment. The survey also suggests that the number of adults dealing with alcohol problems in the U.S. is on the rise. Researchers asked 36,000 adults during 2012 or 2013 about their drinking habits. About 14 percent of adults admitted to current or recent alcohol problems, and 30 percent, or about 69 million adults, admitted to an issue with alcohol at some time in their lives. Whether you have a “drinking problem” or not, if you’re charged with DUI in Orange County, you’ll have a legal problem, and you’ll need the help of an experienced Orange County DUI defense lawyer.

Nearly 40 percent of adults surveyed said they had engaged in binge drinking, consuming at least five drinks in a day at least once in the past year; that figure is up from 31 percent in the NIAAA’s 2001-2002 survey. The survey also found that only about one in five adults who has ever had a drinking problem has voluntarily sought counseling or treatment. Everyone should know that an abundance of counseling and treatment programs and options are available in Orange County in both the public and private sectors.

If you’re charged with DUI in southern California, whether you only enjoy an occasional drink or you’re someone who drinks frequently, you will need serious, skilled legal assistance. In addition to treatment, DUI sentences can include jail, fines, a driver’s license suspension, installation of an IID device on your vehicle, and severe probation terms. If you’re charged with DUI, fight the charge and take your case at once to an experienced Orange County DUI defense lawyer.