It’s 2015, and if you are charged with driving under the influence in Orange County, it’s imperative to obtain high-quality legal help at once. Contact an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney if you are arrested for DUI – now or in the future – anywhere in southern California. That advice is good now, and it will probably hold for a few years to come. But what about the technology that promises to end driving under the influence in the near future?

Almost every week, there’s a news story about a technology that will – supposedly – entirely eliminate DUI. Driverless cars – “Google” cars – are one such technology. The driverless cars of the near future promise to take you anywhere and everywhere. Computerized scanners will observe nearby vehicles and – we are told – will make incremental safety adjustments. There’s also an effort to install IIDs – ignition interlock devices – in every vehicle in the country. Proponents see a day when every driver will have to “blow” to start a vehicle, and “blowing” will be as routine as buckling up. Nissan has also developed a high-tech smart car that includes several types of alcohol-detection sensors and devices. A sensor in the transmission shift knob will identify alcohol in a driver’s palm sweat, for example, and the transmission will lock, bringing the vehicle to a halt.

In the next few years, many of these technological advances will be implemented and become widespread. The number of DUI cases will very likely decline, and fewer injuries and fatalities will be suffered. Will DUI disappear entirely? Despite the rosy predictions of the optimists, it probably will not. A few chronic offenders – people with serious addiction issues – will always find their way around the technology and manage to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Even now, some of the offenders ordered to install IID devices in their vehicles find ways to “beat” the system – until they’re caught. DUI, in some form or another, will very probably always be with us, and in 2015, if you’re charged with DUI, you still need to contact an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney as quickly as possible.