Are you charged with DUI in California? If so, or if you’re charged in the future, the first call you need to make is to an experienced California DUI defense attorney. Regardless of the specifics of your case, a good DUI defense lawyer can sort it out for you, explain your legal options, and help you with both your criminal DUI charge and your Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) license suspension proceeding. You only have ten days after you are arrested to challenge your license suspension, so do not hesitate; get the help you need and contact an experienced DUI defense attorney at once.

If you’re arrested for DUI in California, failure to request a DMV hearing (called an Administrative Per Se or APS hearing) within ten days results in the automatic suspension of your license. A good DUI defense lawyer will stand with you every step of the way, fighting for your license and defending your rights.

You should also have your attorney accompany you to the arraignment for your DUI charge. An experienced DUI defense attorney has many tools available to help you. Sometimes the DUI charge can be reduced or entirely dropped. A good DUI defense lawyer may also be able to reach an acceptable plea bargain, such as probation or house arrest. Should your DUI case go to trial, other options are available. Chemical and field sobriety test results can be challenged; prosecution witnesses can often be discredited; expert witnesses can be called on your behalf. DUI cases are sometimes also thrown out on constitutional grounds, for example, when a police officer had no probable cause to stop you in the first place.

The consequences of a DUI conviction in California can be severe; fines, probation, and jail time are all distinct possibilities. If you face a DUI charge now or in the future, speak right away with an experienced California DUI defense attorney.