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Bringing Positive Results To Those Accused Of DUIs

The Law Offices of Todd Landgren is one of the most reputable and successful law firms in Orange County for driving under the influence (DUI) cases. We have represented over 3,000 people charged with DUI offenses. Our attorney’s trial successes and excellent court preparation have earned the respect of peers in the legal community. In our law firm’s reviews, clients often praise our attorneys and our unique approach: honest yet aggressive.

Our firm was founded by esteemed lawyer Todd Landgren. His winning reputation, professionalism and legal skills are why  Orange County lawyers and satisfied clients call us “The Go-To Guys for DUIs” in Southern California. Find out more about our attorneys by reading their attorney bios below:

How We Can Help

Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable about the intricacies of the criminal court system in Orange County. We know the best way to approach a given case and have developed a professional reputation with the courts with our work, as well as coming to understand the personalities of those involved in deciding cases. These elements significantly affect the results of a client’s case, so lawyers familiar with the local courts and judges are well-equipped to offer strong representation that will maximize a client’s chances of avoiding conviction.

Our experience and reputation have earned us a high degree of trust with the judges and the court’s clerical staff — which are critical components in plea bargaining.

We Know And Understand The Local Prosecutors

Prosecutors differ widely in their opinions about how to prosecute defendants charged with DUI and other crimes. They know our team has a reputation as honest, forthright and knowledgeable advocates for justice.

Knowing and having the respect of prosecutors routinely results in good dispositions in DUI cases. This good reputation has benefitted countless drivers who turned to us after they were arrested and charged with DUI.

Knowledgeable About Police Practices And Local Officers

Our team is familiar with police practices and the officers who make the majority of DUI arrests in the Orange County area. Impeaching the testimony of an arresting officer has led to the dismissals of DUI charges, which is the best of all results, as it allows the defendant to walk free and avoid any negative legal consequences.

Pairing Science With Strong Legal Strategies

We believe you must also know the “science” of a DUI, and you must use that knowledge to a client’s advantage. With our years of experience, research and preparation, our attorneys understand how the body processes alcohol and the science of blood and breath tests.

The ‘Go-To Guys’ for DUIs

If you have recently been arrested for DUI, or if you are charged with DUI in the future, contact us immediately for a free legal consultation. You must act at once to avoid a driver’s license suspension and to maximize your chances of a positive resolution to your case.

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