Violent offenses take many forms, from fights that occur in bars to altercations that break out at a concert or some other type of major event. However, some can be particularly emotional and hard to work through, such as domestic violence cases. Worse, some of these cases come out of nowhere and are based on completely false allegations. Even if someone never abused their ex in any way and they are completely innocent, these accusations could shatter their life in countless ways.

Breaking up can be incredibly challenging, and some couples have an especially difficult time when their marriage or relationship comes to an end. Whether a couple has been together for decades or they have only been dating for several months, the end of a relationship often brings strong emotions such as bitterness, resentment and even anger. In some instances, a person may want to do everything they can to destroy their former partner’s life, which may include accusing them of a crime that they did not commit. Unfortunately, falsely accusing an ex of domestic violence is an easy way to do just that.

When many people discover that their former partner is accusing them of domestic violence even though no abuse took place, they become distraught and immediately feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Many people in this position feel voiceless, and they often are, in many cases. We believe that people going through this not only deserve a voice, but reparations for the hardships that these false allegations have brought into their lives. Sadly, many will never have the chance to restore their reputation.