People may develop chronic pain for a host of reasons, whether they worked for decades in a physically demanding career or they were injured in a devastating accident that shattered their life and ruined their health. There are many ways to try to deal with pain, but medication has been a lifesaver for many people. Sometimes, pain is simply too intense to combat without medication. Unfortunately, this can lead to various problems in life, from addiction to intoxicated driving charges.

If you take pain medication to help with the physical challenges you are facing, it is vital to understand the responsibilities that come with your condition. Unfortunately, some people get behind the wheel even though they are inebriated due to their pain medication. For example, someone may have an important event to attend or they may need to drive to work even though pain medication has affected their ability to drive safely.

Sometimes, people who take pain medication are accused of driving under the influence even though they were not intoxicated at the time they were pulled over. For example, a law enforcement official may see prescription drugs in their possession and falsely accuse them of being under the influence while they were driving, even though these claims are not true. There are many factors that need to be examined carefully when it comes to intoxicated driving and pain medication, and no two cases are identical. If you are dealing with intense pain, it may be particularly hard to work through such a case. However, you need to protect yourself and understand your legal options.