If you stand accused of a crime in California, your main focus should now be on forming your defense strategy. The whole idea behind this strategy is to show you are indeed innocent of the crimes. Your attorney develops the strategy that he or she will use in your case, but it all starts with you. According to CliffsNotes, a defense strategy begins with your account of what happened. Often this is different from law enforcement’s account or the stories of victims or witnesses.

Your attorney will examine your story and look for evidence to back it up. Depending on the situation, your attorney may also start to develop a defense or a reason why things happened as they did and how you did not break a law in the process of things happening. This might include finding an alibi for you or speaking with people who know you to develop a strong defense of your character.

Your defense strategy also involves looking over information from the prosecution, which you will get during the discovery phase of your trial. Your attorney will use evidence to determine how the prosecutor is likely to present the case in court. It can help you to explain evidence or offer rebuttals to the story the prosecution will likely create about what happened.

Sometimes formulating a defense is easy, but many times it is complex. That is why you have the right to an attorney when facing criminal charges. This information is for education and  is not legal advice.