At our law office, we know all too well that DUI charges destroy lives. Furthermore, they can have an especially disruptive impact on the lives and the futures of many people, such as teens. There are a lot of reasons why drunk driving charges can be concerning for teens, whether they suffer from a social standpoint, have to stop working for a while, lose their ability to drive or face other penalties. These charges can also be incredibly hard for their families, which you may know all too well if you are the parent of a teen who was charged with driving under the influence.

There are many reasons why some teens are pulled over for DUI, and in this post, we will discuss peer pressure. Teens often face a lot of peer pressure at school and outside of school as well. They may be pressured to drink at a party in order to appear cool, or they may have a boyfriend or girlfriend who pushes them to drink even though they do not want to. Moreover, they may also be pressured to drive even though they have consumed alcohol. For example, they may be the only person in their social group with a driver’s license and their friends may harass them to drive even though they do not want to get behind the wheel.

When a teen stands up to peer pressure, they may be socially ostracized, which can cause them to eventually give in. Furthermore, due to zero tolerance laws even the most minute amount of alcohol in a young driver’s system could lead to drunk driving charges. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your teen’s future is protected.