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Where Can You Be Charged With DUI?

Posted on March 11th, 2016 by Todd Landgren

All of the drivers in California know – or if they don’t, they are supposed to know – that they can be arrested and charged for driving under the influence if they have too much to drink and then choose to drive a car, bus, or truck on a public street or highway in this […]

Everything You Need To Know About DUIs

Posted on March 9th, 2016 by Todd Landgren

The laws that govern drunk driving have changed quite a number of times over the last century. The first “DUI” or driving under the influence laws were straightforward. It was simply against the law to drive a motorized vehicle if you were too drunk to drive carefully. New York passed the first law against driving […]

Woman Beats DUI With “Human Brewery” Defense

Posted on February 12th, 2016 by Todd Landgren

Breathalyzer devices are not very complicated or very smart. In fact, breathalyzer devices detect in the breath any compound – not just alcohol – that contains the methyl group in its molecular structure. The general assumption is that if you blow into a breathalyzer device and register a 0.08 percent or higher blood alcohol content […]

DUI And Marijuana Intoxication

Posted on January 15th, 2016 by Todd Landgren

Alcohol is not the only drug that can get you arrested for driving under the influence or for driving while intoxicated. If you consume any kind of drug or substance that intoxicates you, whether that drug or substance is legal or not, and if you then get behind the wheel and start driving, you can […]

Top Florida DUI Cop Isn’t Perfect Either

Posted on December 9th, 2015 by Todd Landgren

If you are charged with DUI, it doesn’t matter who you are. Cops, politicians, movie stars, prosecutors, and even judges have been prosecuted for DUI in southern California, so you won’t be alone, but you’ll need to retain legal representation and contact an experienced Orange County DUI defense lawyer immediately after any DUI arrest in […]

DUI, Expungement, And Your Professional License

Posted on October 10th, 2015 by Todd Landgren

“Professionals” are held to the highest professional and ethical standards by the other members of their own profession. That’s why professional licensing boards are established. That’s also why, if you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or nurse – or if you hold another professional license – you must avoid being convicted of DUI in California. […]

DUI Arrests And Your Miranda Rights

Posted on October 9th, 2015 by Todd Landgren

If you are arrested for DUI in Orange County, a police officer will probably read your “Miranda” rights. You’ve seen it in every cop movie and in every television series about the police. It’s the scene where the suspect is handcuffed and the arresting officer says, “You have the right to remain silent.” The rights […]

DUI And Your Job

Posted on October 8th, 2015 by Todd Landgren

If you anticipate driving, please don’t drink before you drive. If you consume any amount of alcohol beyond just a couple of sips, and you need to be somewhere else, find alternative transportation like a taxicab, a car service, or a designated driver. If you are arrested for driving under the influence in southern California, […]

Are DUI Checkpoints Worthwhile?

Posted on August 5th, 2015 by Todd Landgren

Skokie is a typical Illinois community north of Chicago. Like so many other small towns and big cities across the United States, Skokie receives federal grant money to conduct DUI checkpoints. The problem, at least according to some observers, is that most of the citations handed out at Skokie’s DUI checkpoints are for minor offenses […]

Some Drivers Just Don’t Care

Posted on June 24th, 2015 by Todd Landgren

If you are charged with DUI in southern California, it’s a serious charge. You’ll pay a substantial fine, and even if it’s your first offense, you could do time in jail. You’ll need to get legal help right away by contacting an experienced California DUI lawyer based in Orange County. This blog – and a […]


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