It’s a situation that nobody ever wants to deal with. Kenfield Alldrin, age 57, was enjoying time at a remote cabin with a friend when his friend started to experience severe pain from a kidney condition – if his friend didn’t get a catheter in time, he would die. There was no cell phone coverage at the cabin, so Alldrin did what any friend would do and drove his suffering friend to the hospital. The problem is that Alldrin had been drinking wine that evening and, in his hurry to get his friend to the hospital, travelled at over twice the legal speed limit and ran at least two traffic signals. It was while he was enroute to the hospital that Alldrin was pulled over by a California police officer.

The officer alerted dispatch of the medical emergency and Alldrin’s friend survived, but while his friend was tended to by medical professionals, Alldrin submitted to a field sobriety test, which he failed. The police also recorded his blood alcohol content as .10%, just .02% above the legal limit.

Prosecutor Drops Charges

Because of the circumstances surrounding the case, the prosecutor with the authority to press charges against Alldrin refused to do so – but Alldrin still had legal trouble to deal with. Even though he did not have to stand for a criminal trial, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) still suspended Alldrin’s driver’s license. The DMV is allowed to do this because under the administrative regulations of the DMV, anyone arrested for DUI, even if charges are not pursued, can have his or her license suspended.

Dealing with DUI Consequences

The case of Kenfield Alldrin is a perfect example of how a solid defense against DUI charges can help a person avoid criminal prosecution – but also of how the simple fact that an arrest occurred can still cause major legal problems for the person arrested for a DUI offense. This is why anyone who has been arrested for driving under the influence in California should seriously consider partnering with a DUI defense attorney to deal with all of the legal hassles that will arise as a result of the arrest.

When they partner with an experienced DUI defense attorney, those arrested for DUI don’t have to face the consequences of an arrest alone. In fact, a DUI defense attorney will work hard to preserve the rights and driving privileges of DUI suspects and will even go so far as to speak on the suspect’s behalf in any hearings or trial dates that may come up.

Since most people who will be arrested for DUI don’t have the legal knowledge necessary to properly defend against and legally deal with the charges, an attorney with specific experience in defending those accused of DUI will be an invaluable resource for the California DUI suspect. If the attorney is unable to have charges dropped or dismissed, then he or she may still be able to secure a much more favorable outcome for the DUI suspect than if the DUI suspect pleads guilty to the offense charged or tries to represent him or herself in court.