A California man, who is not an attorney, started a blog about his experiences with the California legal system and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which can be found at www.MyCaliforniaDUI.com, following his first offense for driving under the influence (DUI). He does not appear to share his name on the blog, and the language can range from colorful to offensive, but his posts offer an interesting look at the process following a DUI from a person who actually lived it. The blog starts from back in June, 2012 from approximately one week after his arrest up to the point in May, 2013 when he got his license back from the DMV.

Don’t Start a Blog

Despite the fact that this person’s blog is an interesting read from a perspective that is not often covered, individuals charged with or suspected of DUI should never start blogging about their experiences, particularly the offenses with which they were charged. In this day and age, prosecutors are well aware of social networks, blogs, and search engines. Before preparing a case against individuals, many will spend some time combing the web for anything which they could use against a criminal defendant in court. In the past, status updates, blog posts, pictures posted to social media sites, have all come back to haunt individuals suspected of DUI.

The primary problem with starting a blog about personal DUI experiences is that the blogger risks posting something incriminating. In the blog mentioned above, the writer makes several incriminating statements which would not be in the best interests of someone trying to beat charges.

Thoughts on Attorneys

At one point in the blog, the writer refers to lawyers with some of the offensive and colorful language that was warned about above – but, at other points, he admits that an attorney was able to provide a lot of help in his case. He plainly says; “Would have been lost without an attorney. Helped me with the paperwork and the different departments I had to report to after the arraignment.”  These two sentences just go to show that, no matter what someone might think of attorneys, anyone who has been charged with DUI will have a much greater advantage in the legal process if they partner with an experienced DUI attorney than if they try navigating the system on their own.

Never the End of the World

Perhaps the most valuable bit of information that anyone can take away from the above mentioned blog is that a DUI charge is never the end of the world. If they partner with an attorney early on, as the blog’s author did, then individuals suspected of DUI in California have a much better chance of winning a favorable outcome in their cases. Even though first time offenders may not be handled as harshly by the system as repeat offenders, a person still faces many challenges if convicted of DUI – challenges that an attorney can help minimize or eliminate depending on the facts of the case.