If you ever need an Attorney you can trust, and who will do the very best for you, then Mr. Landgren is your attorney.  He is one of the most professional, responsive, knowledgeable attorneys I have ever met.  I was not even a client of Mr. Landgren, yet he spent a lot of time with me on the phone discussing what my options were, even though he did not handle cases like mine.  My conviction about Mr. Landgren is even stronger because of the horrible experience I had with a horrible, unethical attorney who coerced and deceived me into pleading guilty to a charge I was not guilty of, causing me to suffered all the penalties and ramifications for the charge. I appealed the case and it was dismissed.

Mr. Landgren re-instills my faith in that there are some really good, genuinely caring, competent, trustworthy, honest attorneys whom you can count on to do the very best he can for you, who will actually fight for you and be there for you. There are a lot of attorneys, but not alot of really good, ethical ones you can trust.