Todd was awesome. I was arrested for a dui with a BAC of 0.1 and with his advice and guidance we were able to get the dui charges dismissed and reduced to a wet reckless which is not normally easy to accomplish. He is a miracle worker. Todd knows DUI law brilliantly well, as well as the people involved including DAs and Judges. His experience is what makes the difference. He knows the people and knows how to work out deals. Also his fee is just right. Honestly people told me getting a lawyer would be a waste of money. I disagreed. I trusted my instinct and started interviewing all sorts of lawyers in the Orange County area and I finally picked Todd. Yes lawyers want to make money and Todd certainly can give off the lawyer banter and can seem like any other lawyer because well lawyers want to make money. But something about him gave me an inkling that we would be the best choice. And we would make a good team. A lawyer is someone to help you. People think a lawyer should do all the work. This is the wrong mentality. You have to think of it as if you are defending yourself and you must think of strategies yourself and take advice and ideas from the lawyer. Sure the lawyer will give you advice as well and yes they will do the grunt work, go to court for you and all that. But you have to think of a lawyer as a secret weapon by your side as you go and fight for yourself. If you just leave it to the lawyer and expect to do nothing then good luck. I advise you to get Todd because he also helps to get you to help yourself. He tries to extract from you what you may need. Listen to that advice it comes from experience. Take it seriously but also tell Todd your strategies and your ideas because imagine he is an outsider from your life he doesn’t know what you know. You may have some goodies that can be ever so useful. Once again I am so happy I trusted my gut instinct and went with Todd. Good luck!