Todd Landgren took my case December of 2012. This was my second offense and I was a bit nervous about my situation. I was looking at mandatory jail time and no driver license for at least a year. I had contacted a few other attorneys in the area but I got the best vibe and sense of professionalism from him.
Within a couple of weeks from my arrest I had a temporary license until my DMV trail. During my criminal court case, Todd was able to find the loopholes and technical errors of the incident and bring them to the attention of the judge, which ultimately led to my case being dismissed AND NO JAIL TIME!. Following the results the court not filing any charges, he was also able to get my driver license reinstated upon DMV appeal and my record cleared from this incident!
Todd was honest with me from my initial consultation and always returned my phone calls. His years of experience and knowledge of the local courts made me trust him even more. This guy will really go to bat for you!