I recently used Todd for a DUI. I had a case that was cut and dry and no hope of winning in the court. Because of my job I decided I would fight anyway since getting a DUI would mean the end of my career so I had to give it a try.

After contacting many different lawyers after receiving my BAC from the crime lab I came across Todd. I immediately got an appointment to see him that same day. He laid the process out very clearly and didn’t beat around the bush. It was very abvious from the beginning that he had plenty of experience in this matter and in Orange County. He said because of several issues including me losing my career that he was sure he could get me a plea. That is exactly what happened. He got me exactly what he said he would with no hidden fees and no run around. He represented me in court (as apposed to sending it to another lawyer in the office that other lawyers sometimes do). I’m very happy with the outcome as it was best case scenario after my mistake.  I highly recommend Todd Landgren.