Todd gets 5 stars because he consistently tells it like it is.  Todd knew my case was pretty much impossible to win, so he was very realistic about what he could do for me and what I should be charged for an attorney. For the record, I did not find any rates that were even close to what I got with Todd.

Todd found some inconsistencies in the police report and said that the DMV case could be dropped if the cop who wrote the report doesn’t show up.  Unfortunately, the cop did eventually show up, so that was that.

He also advised me for my court case that, even though my BAC level would usually be prescribed a 9-month Alcohol Awareness course, he might be able to get me a 6-month or possibly even a 3-month course. I received a call from Jerry Dyer (Legal Assistant) saying that Todd had managed to get me a Level I Alcohol Awareness class meaning… 3 MONTHS INSTEAD OF THE USUAL 9!!!  I was ELATED. 🙂

The rest is yet to come and at this point I can only say good things about both Todd AND Jerry.  I received timely emails, phone calls, and mailings with extremely useful and informative instructions.

Here’s my advice after dealing with this beast:

If you got a DUI, don’t wallow… call Todd and get it figured out.  He will tell you exactly what you need to know, what he expects from your case, and best and worse case scenarios. He will also charge you reasonably.

It is a depressing and terrible thing to get a DUI and seems like an insurmountable issue.  BUT… if you get some help and get things moving you’ll be better off than you were and feel like you’re being a productive member of society… as opposed to a hood rat.

Call Todd, good luck, and TAKE A CAB!!!!!