A teacher for the Community Learning Center in Bakersfield, CA, an educational facility serving 7th to 12th graders for the Kern County Superintendent’s Office, has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) for a third time. Despite what anyone may think of this teacher’s arrest record, there is no law or regulation on the books which would justify the termination of employment for DUI related charges, but a school district representative did mention that the law would allow the school to handle each instance of this type of offense on a case by case basis.

Third Arrest Since 2011

The school teacher in question, identified as 38 year old Brandi Lynn Sherman, was first arrested for driving under the influence in February 2011. Since that time, she has been arrested and charged with DUI two additional times. For now, the teacher is expected to have a job at the end of summer break, but this may change depending on any disciplinary action taken by the school district that she works for.

Multiple Arrests Never a Good Thing

While Sherman’s career fate is still up in the air, one thing’s for sure, and that is that multiple DUIs are never a good thing – especially in California. Even a first time offense for DUI can carry with it the risk of several months in jail, heavy fines, and various other consequences as a court may find appropriate and which are usually handed down on a case by case basis. For example, a suspect of DUI who is charged with the offense may be ordered by a court to attend substance abuse and driving safety classes. The precise facts of a case will help a court determine what kind of consequences and punishments might be appropriate.

For each subsequent DUI offense that occurs within 10 years of an original DUI conviction in California, the consequences which may be faced by the suspect will increase incrementally with each subsequent DUI conviction. In fact, being arrested for driving under the influence for a fourth time in California is treated as a felony, which is the level of offense above a misdemeanor, and which carries with it far heavier consequences following a conviction. The courts are generally willing to work with first time offenders who may not have realized the severity of their actions prior to their arrest, but they become less liberal as an offender appears over and over again for the same offense.

Partnering with Experienced DUI Legal Counsel

Whether its the first or fourth offense, a person accused of driving under the influence simply stands a much better chance of winning a favorable outcome to his or her case by partnering with an experienced DUI defense attorney. While it may not be possible to defeat all charges against a suspect, an attorney may still be able to have the suspect’s jail term and fines reduced, limited driving privileges retained, and even the chance of having a record of any conviction expunged after the person convicted of DUI has satisfactorily paid his or her debt to society – but an attorney should always be consulted for case specific advice.