Do you believe that you have been wrongly convicted of DUI by the state of California? It’s a long, complicated, and sometimes frustrating procedure, but if you genuinely believe that you were wrongly convicted, you may be able to appeal your conviction with the help of an experienced, Orange County-based California DUI lawyer. You can appeal your conviction even if you pled guilty, but you must act quickly, and you must be sure that your decision is based strictly on the facts of the case.

To appeal a DUI conviction, your first step is to discuss your case with a good California DUI lawyer. Your lawyer can determine if your case has any element that might serve as grounds for an appeal. Grounds for an appeal might include a false arrest, a lack of sufficient evidence, jury misconduct, or even prosecutorial misconduct. While overturning a DUI conviction is difficult in California, success is more likely if an experienced California DUI lawyer is advocating on your behalf.

You have only thirty days to appeal a misdemeanor DUI conviction in California and sixty days to appeal a felony conviction. With the help of your attorney, you must submit a reporter’s transcript of your case, a statement of appeal, and an official electronic recording of the trial. Pertinent exhibits and other items should also be submitted. You should understand that in some cases, the appeals process can take as long as a year.

Winning an appeal for a DUI conviction is difficult, so seek the advice of an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney first. If there are grounds to overturn the conviction, and you choose to pursue your appeal, a good DUI lawyer can fight diligently on your behalf to set the record straight. If you need to appeal a DUI conviction in Orange County, or if you’re currently being charged with DUI or a related offense, speak at once about your case with an experienced, Orange County-based California DUI lawyer.