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Costa Mesa DUI AttorneyCosta Mesa DUI Attorney Todd Landgren has been defending people arrested for DUI’s in the city of Costa Mesa and Orange County for over 38 years. His experience, reputation and knowledge of Harbor Court is what you need in order to obtain a great deal or a dismissal of the DUI charges. He has helped thousands of clients with their DUI charges and has a long record of successful dispositions and acquittals. Unlike many other high profile DUI lawyers who pass you off to their staff, Costa Mesa DUI Attorney Todd Landgren insists on handling each case personally.

A Knowledgeable Costa Mesa DUI Attorney

Costa Mesa has a very unforgiving police department.  With a host of special DUI enforcement units, the City leads the State in the number of DUI arrests per capita. With some very lose probable cause standards, Costa Mesa police stop hundreds of drivers for driving patterns that are not indicators of a DUI. They routinely patrol areas around drinking establishments and stop drivers for no reason other than they just left a bar. They are specifically trained to stop people for minor or technical traffic offenses, such as stopping over the limit line or front license plate infractions.  These nonsensical stops and detentions have led to a number of DUI cases being “thrown out” because of Todd Landgren’s advocacy and preparedness.

The police units come with special cameras to record the pursuit, stop and arrest. The officers have microphones on their person to record all statements. Everything is recorded for later use at the DMV hearing or in court. Often this is useful because the officers make mistakes in their procedures, and they can be impeached by their actions when the tapes are viewed in later court hearings. Often these errors lead to a dismissal of the charges. Attorney Todd Landgren is well known to the Costa Mesa police as an aggressive and persistent DUI defense attorney after having several cases dismissed and some officers found not to be credible in their testimony.

An Experienced Costa Mesa DUI Attorney

In this jurisdiction, penalties are increased if you are involved in an accident. High blood alcohol levels are treated very seriously with increased punishment. If you have a prior conviction, be prepared to face jail unless the case is properly handled by an experienced Costa Mesa DUI attorney!

With so much at stake, you must have the most experienced Costa Mesa DUI attorney on your side of the courtroom. The lawyer must be intimately familiar with the tactics and procedures followed by the Costa Mesa police and have a working knowledge of the individual officers and their reputations. You need an expert who knows both the DUI laws and the officer’s track records, and the Court procedures. This knowledge is essential to defend your case effectively and get you the best possible outcome. Todd Landgren HAS that knowledge and experience!

Call Todd Landgren today at (949) 752-1122 to arrange a free consultation to review the evidence against you. Don’t wait another minute! Call now to find out what he can do for you and receive honest and helpful answers to all of your questions.


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