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DUI Has Serious Consequences

The cost of a DUI can be staggering in California. Costs will vary on a case-by-case basis, but it is best for DUI defendants to learn about the various expenses they will incur, so they have a general idea of the total cost of a conviction.

How Much Will A DUI Cost You?

There are a number of costs that are associated with DUI convictions in California. The cost to retrieve a towed vehicle, usually around $500, makes the first impact on an arrestee’s pocketbook. Those convicted pay court-ordered fines of $400 to $2,000+ in DUI cases. Some elect to work off a large portion of the court-ordered fines through community service. This option is available in many courts, but not all.

The convicted are also sentenced to enroll in and complete DUI education programs. Defendants are responsible for paying for these programs, which usually cost $500-$2,000. Longer and more expensive programs are ordered in more aggravated cases.

The miscellaneous tax-like fees add up. The police get another distribution at sentencing to cover the costs of taking someone into custody, such as booking and fingerprinting fees. Emergency response services are also reimbursed, often in the thousands of dollars. State victim restitution fund contributions and individual restitution are also imposed by the court at sentencing. Automobile insurance, detailed below, often deals the largest financial blow.

With the stakes so high, DUI defendants should invest in their legal defense. The cost of an attorney varies depending on the complexity of your case and the quality of the attorney. Reliable legal services are not cheap, but hiring a good attorney to minimize the damage and navigate the complex processes involved is worth the associated fee.

What Are The Long-Term Costs Of DUI Convictions?

One DUI-related expense that defendants often forget about is car insurance. The DMV will not reinstate your driving privileges unless you can provide proof of an SR-22. An SR-22 is not an insurance policy, but rather a certificate that assures the DMV you maintain adequate insurance coverage.

Requesting an SR-22 from your insurance company raises a red flag that will almost certainly affect your insurance rates. The increase can vary depending on the driver’s record and the insurance company, however, some DUI defendants pay an additional 20-100 percent or more for coverage after a conviction. The insurance company can continue to charge higher rates for at least 10 years, so this is a significant long-term expense.

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