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First DUI – More Than A Slap On The Wrist

The consequences for being convicted of a DUI — even if you are a first-time defendant — are more serious and longer reaching than many defendants expect. After an arrest, some choose to accept the consequences without attempting to improve their situation. We have represented many defendants who deeply regretted previous guilty pleas that were made in haste, without full advice, or on the advice of bad attorneys.

We caution against proceeding under criminal charges without a thorough and expert review of the anticipated evidence, investigation, competent legal advisement along the way, and a skilled attorney to present and defend your interests. Our services are a wise investment in the protection of your future. If you have been arrested, contact us right away.

You Need To Act Fast

DUI defendants face two separate legal proceedings after an arrest: a criminal case and an administrative law proceeding. The administrative law proceedings involve the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) where your license can be suspended. DMV suspends licenses following DUI arrests for driving with blood alcohol concentration above certain limits (0.01%, 0.04%, 0.08%), failure to submit to chemical testing, and in cases where there may be a physical or medical condition that interferes with driving ability.

People who are arrested for DUI have the right to challenge an Administrative Per Se suspension by scheduling a hearing with the DMV within 10 days of being arrested. If this deadline is missed, you lose the right to challenge the suspension. We handle the entirety of these DMV proceedings for our clients, so allow us to make the initial demand for hearing on your behalf.

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