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Veterans Have Additional Options

Veterans and active-duty military personnel who face DUI charges in California may be eligible for a dismissal of those charges through Military Diversion or Veterans Court programs. These are among the best remedies (best outcome) available to DUI defendants.

For decades, The Law Offices of Todd Landgren has been a leading DUI law firm. We’ve defended thousands of DUI clients across Southern California. We also led the way in the Orange County Court’s adoption of new military diversion laws for DUI cases and have successfully obtained diversion for numerous defendants thought SoCal.

What Are Some Of The Options For Veterans Charged With DUI?

We routinely work on behalf of military veterans facing DUI charges in Southern California. Many veterans who are charged with DUI will qualify for either Military Diversion or Veterans Court.

U.S. military and U.S. military veterans may be eligible for a pretrial Military Diversion program if charged in California with misdemeanor DUI. The diversion program is an alternative to criminal prosecution. A pretrial diversion program postpones adjudication in a misdemeanor DUI case pending a defendant’s satisfaction of the program’s requirements. Successful completion of a diversion program usually results in charges being dismissed with no criminal penalties and can almost completely “clean” the arrested individual’s record of the case. This is even more effective than winning an acquittal at trial.

Veterans in Southern California who are charged with DUI but are ineligible for Military Diversion may find that Veterans Court is a more appropriate option. Veterans Court in California offers alternative sentencing for veterans who struggle with mental illness and who are charged with DUI or other crimes. Typically, Veterans Court offers personalized treatment, counseling and rehabilitation as an alternative to jail. The court may also dismiss charges.

The Law Offices of Todd Landgren Is Right For You

Our firm was at the forefront of making diversion available to servicemen and women facing DUI charges in Orange County as the new law was being aggressively fought by the Orange County District Attorney’s office. We secured the first written opinion of the Orange County Superior Court in which the court agreed with our interpretation of the law to allow our soldiers to participate in this exceptionally favorable program and avoid criminal prosecution. Subsequently, the law was clarified to explain that the legislature intended to include DUI in the offenses eligible for Military Diversion.

If you have served in the U.S. military and are facing criminal prosecution, we are proud to serve you. If you are a veteran who is being charged with DUI in Southern California, contact us online or call The Law Offices of Todd Landgren at 949-535-1303.