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Arrested After A DUI Conviction?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a “priorable” offense in California. Basically, this means that the consequences for committing this crime are more serious for repeat offenders than they are for first-time offenders. For this reason, it is best to contact a DUI attorney at once if you are a repeat offender who is currently facing DUI charges.

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After The First DUI Charge, The Penalties Increase Drastically

DUI is typically a misdemeanor in California, however, it can be charged as a felony for several reasons, one of which applies to repeat offenders. Anyone who has three or more DUI convictions on their record within the last 10 years faces felony charges if they are accused of DUI for the fourth or subsequent time.

Even for second and third DUI offenses, there is a significant difference in consequences such as:

  • Five years of probation is typical, as opposed to three
  • More out of pocket fines/fees
  • Longer license suspensions
  • Longer ignition interlock device (IID) installation

The court considers all criminal history, but most importantly, all prior DUI, wet reckless, and expunged convictions in considering proposed dispositions of your current case.

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