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DUID Charges Have More Consequences Than You Think

If you are placed under arrest in California for driving under the influence of drugs, or DUID, it can cost you, and if you’re convicted of DUID, that cost is going to be substantial. Beyond the obvious, what is the real cost of a DUID conviction?

The first thing you’ll need to do if you are arrested for any criminal offense, especially DUI, is to retain a capable and dedicated attorney, such as those of The Law Offices of Todd Landgren. Hiring a private lawyer is not free, but it is likely to save you money, time, and misery in the long run. The cost of an attorney is different in each case because each case is unique. Our firm charges flat fees set at the most fair amount we can estimate in each case.

If You Are Convicted, What Will It Cost?

In 2013, the Automobile Club of Southern California calculated that a misdemeanor first-offense DUI conviction in our state could cost up to $15,649 for adults and up to $22,492 for minors. DUID penalties are comparable to DUI penalties, so those figures are a good place to start, although the costs have surely increased since 2013.


The court will impose fines and fees on a defendant convicted of DUID. The court then adds roughly 300% to the fine amount. The lowest typical total is around $2,000.


Most defendants convicted of a first-time California DUID will also be ordered by the court to participate in drug treatment and/or DUI education classes. These cost of these programs starts at around $600 and can be much higher. Longer and more intensive programs cost more than the shortest, least intensive version that goes for around $600.


If a suspect’s vehicle is towed and stored — which is typical with a DUID arrest — it usually costs about $500 to have the vehicle released.

Lost Opportunities

Losing the ability to drive, probation commitments, court-ordered program attendance, time in custody, and criminal history can put major obstacles in the way of your life. Any consequence suffered now will hang over your head during and after any court-ordered probation period. The time to protect yourself, and the time at which our help can be made most effective, is immediately after your arrest.

Experienced Attorneys Who Fight For You

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