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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The DMV will suspend your license unless you take affirmative action, and contest the suspension as well as the DUI charge.

YOU MUST CONTACT THE DMV WITHIN 10 DAYS OF YOUR ARREST AND REQUEST A HEARING TO CONTEST THE SUSPENSION OF YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE. If you make a timely request, the suspension of your license will be stayed until the final determination of your case by the DMV. Failure to request a hearing within ten days will result in an automatic suspension of your license. Hire an attorney prior to contacting the DMV. Your attorney will be able to push your hearing date back to insure that you are prepared for your DMV case. Furthermore, your attorney will need to coordinate your hearing date with your defense in court. A lawyer familiar with the local DMV hearing office procedures and the local Hearing Officers can absolutely better your chances of winning the hearing and not losing your driving privileges.

Your lawyer MUST be familiar with the Court, Judges and the prosecutors. You may never have to appear in court if you have a good lawyer. Do not try to represent yourself! A good DUI Defense lawyer will always get better results. The Court and legal system are complicated. A good DUI lawyer can save you the hassle, time and expense as well as the worry about the outcome.

California DUI laws are some of the toughest in the nation. However, there are many alternatives to jail. If the lawyer is familiar with the court, the lawyer can craft a disposition that may avoid jail or incarceration. Creative and innovative defense will lessen the likelihood of harsh jail sentences, incarceration, or endless hours of picking up paper along the freeways.

The amount you pay for a lawyer depends on the lawyer’s experience and reputation. The fee should be reasonable and not excessive. Each case is unique. Each court is different. Fees will vary depending on the case. Only a lawyer familiar with the courts, the prosecutors and the possible defenses can insure that you don’t get ripped off! Your consultation should always be free, your questions answered and your fees affordable. My promise is that you will receive an honest evaluation, personal representation and be quoted a reasonable fee for the efforts to obtain the desired result.


Orange County DUI Attorney | 92612 | Todd A. Landgren, Attorney at Law | California
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