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huntington beach dui attorney

Todd Landgren is a Huntington Beach DUI Attorney with almost 40 years of experience handling DUI cases brought by the Huntington Beach police department. Mr. Landgren is well known and respected in the Huntington Beach legal community by defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges alike. This experience and respect has made him known as the “go to guy for DUIs” in the Beach community. Mr. Landgren has successfully handled several thousand DUI cases throughout his career, and he brings this knowledge and experience gained over four decades, to each DUI case for which he is retained.

A Knowledgeable Huntington Beach DUI Attorney

Huntington Beach employs specially trained DUI enforcement “squads.” These officers are specially trained and respond to most DUI stops and pick up the arrest from that point on. They therefore are extremely busy, making four or five arrests each night.  This leads to the police taking “shortcuts” to save time and this leads to mistakes that a knowledgeable DUI attorney can capitalize upon. Unfortunately, these DUI officers are known to sometimes exaggerate their probable cause for stopping suspected DUI drivers, and that can lead to the case being dismissed. Checkpoints are known to be sloppy and written reports lacking in specific detail.  These can be critical errors that must be examined and utilized in the client’s defense.

These “DUI Teams” are well known and it is important that your lawyer know these officers and their practices. This knowledge almost always leads to better results than those obtained by attorneys unfamiliar with the Huntington Beach police procedures.

An Experienced Huntington Beach DUI Attorney

Todd Landgren has handled over 2,000 D.U.I. arrests in the Huntington Beach, West Court jurisdiction. He has had countless DUI cases dismissed or reduced solely on his knowledge of the Court procedures and the personnel involved in making decisions about the case dispositions. Each Court has different rules and every Court is different.  You must “know the rules, the players AND the playing field if you expect to win the game” he often quotes.

Mr. Landgren’s emphasis and expertise in “Beach City” DUI’s, his many appearances in the West Justice Center, and his comfortable relationship with all individuals involved in the decision making process, as well as his creative approach to  negotiating alternatives, allows him to obtain superlative results for his clients.

Call Todd Landgren today at (949) 752 1122 for a free consultation and evaluation of your case. It is imperative that you act immediately to save your license and prepare a defense of your case.


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