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irvine dui attorneyWith more than 38 years of experience as an Irvine DUI Attorney, Todd Landgren is one of the most respected DUI Attorneys in Orange County. Clients from all over Irvine and Orange County seek out Mr. Landgren’s services because he has successfully handled several thousand DUI cases in the Harbor Court and is known to achieve superlative results for his clients who have cases in that Court. Mr. Landgren insists on handling his cases personally.  He is honest and realistic with his clients about the expected outcomes of their cases.  He returns his clients’ phone calls in a timely manner, and provides his clients with his personal cell telephone number. He is well known in the Court and considered to be the “go to guy for DUI’s” in the Irvine area.

A Knowledgeable Irvine DUI Attorney

The Irvine police seem to be trying to unseat other cities, and become “Top Dog” in the county for the number of D.U.I. arrests. The Irvine Police are intolerant of any drinking and driving and often make arrests for very low blood alcohol levels. Many cases are turned over to prosecutors for filing that are well below the .08% blood alcohol level.

With many years of experience as an Irvine DUI Attorney, Mr. Landgren knows that Irvine police officers almost always record vehicle stops and field sobriety tests on video using dashboard cameras in their cruisers. These videos, when properly obtained, often work against the police and lead to dismissal of the case, or greatly reduced charges. Mr. Landgren’s familiarity with the Irvine police officers’ tactics and procedures, gives him a “leg up” on other attorneys not familiar with the Irvine police or the individual officers. With hundreds of Irvine DUI arrests in his databank, Mr. Landgren can easily obtain information that can weaken the prosecution’s case or point out inconsistencies in the officer’s training or police reports.

It is critical that an Attorney know and recognizes the arresting officers and their habits and patterns. With this knowledge, often the attorney can “trip up” the police at DMV hearings and in court, leading to dismissal of the charges or greatly reduced consequences. Mr. Landgren has had many Irvine cases “thrown out” because of his knowledge and expertise dealing with Irvine arrests.

An Experienced Irvine DUI Attorney

Mr. Landgren is extremely familiar with the Harbor Justice Center where all Irvine DUI cases are handled. His knowledge of the court, the various prosecutors and the judges has time and again proven invaluable in obtaining superior results for his clients.  The familiarity with the Court and the Judges allows Mr. Landgren to honestly tell his clients what they can expect.  He is creative in his solutions and alternate dispositions, which in almost all cases, precludes a jail commitment!

Your consultation is free. Call Todd Landgren at (949) 752 1122 today to set up your appointment to review the evidence against you. Don’t wait another minute. You need to start building your best defense immediately, both to save your license and preclude going to jail.


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