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Laguna Beach DUI AttorneyTodd Landgren is a seasoned Laguna Beach DUI attorney with over 38 years of experience defending individuals accused of Drunk Driving in the Laguna Beach area. Mr. Landgren has defended several thousand DUI clients, making him one of the most sought after and effective attorneys focusing on drunk driving defense, in all of Laguna Beach. Mr. Landgren has extensive knowledge and training in all aspects of the DUI defense field, including DUI Drugs and Alcohol.

VERY Experienced In Laguna Beach DUI Cases

If you are arrested or charged with a DUI in Laguna Beach, you need an experienced Laguna Beach DUI Attorney that is familiar with the courts and practices and procedures of the Laguna Beach Police department. Mr. Landgren knows that Laguna Beach Police are notorious for stopping motorists without sufficient probable cause other than a hunch or a minor traffic infraction. The have “invented” the “unsafe lane change” that they think allows them to stop cars that merely touch the line dividing the lanes on Pacific Coast Highway. They lie in wait on side streets near PCH and follow cars that pass their location until they observe something unusual, usually speeding just over the limit, or a slight touching of the dividing lines on the highway.  This practice can often lead to a DUI charge being dismissed because of insufficient probable cause.

Mr. Landgren’s knowledge that Laguna Beach police cars are equipped with video cameras that record the driving and sometimes the field sobriety tests administered by the officers, frequently comes into play during the defense process. Once obtained, these videos often show startlingly different facts than are written in the officer’s report. That is because the reports are written before the officer can view the video recording. Many times, these discrepancies result in charges being dismissed or reduced by the prosecutor when negotiating with a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer.

In Laguna Beach, consequences for multiple offenses are some of the strictest in the state. The penalties increase dramatically with your second and third offenses. If you are involved in an accident, endanger a minor, injure somebody, are excessively intoxicated, or if you drive at a high rate as speed, they get even harsher.

The biggest hassles, however, come from the criminal record that will follow you if you are convicted. The DUI conviction, either a felony or misdemeanor, will show up during every background check. The conviction can have many long term effects such as a loss of opportunity for a job, higher insurance rates, and entry denial to certain Countries during international travel.

A Respected Laguna Beach DUI Attorney

Mr. Landgren is considered by many fellow lawyers to be one of the finest DUI attorneys in handling Laguna Beach cases. With a large list of not guilty verdicts and hundreds of cases negotiated down to lesser charges, he is well recognized in the legal community as the best Laguna Beach DUI Attorney, and is often referred to as the “Go to Guy for DUI’s.”

Mr. Landgren has been a Laguna Beach DUI Attorney since he graduated from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in 1975. Todd Landgren actively practices in the Laguna Beach region and is a proud specialist member of the California DUI Lawyers Association. Todd Landgren is dedicated to being a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney for clients accused of drunk driving offenses, both felony and misdemeanor.

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