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Newport Beach DUI Attorney

Newport Beach DUI Attorney

Newport Beach DUI Attorney Todd Landgren has nearly 40 years of experience defending individuals arrested in Newport Beach for DUI offenses. Mr. Landgren has successfully defended several thousand DUI cases, and brings a wealth of experience to every case he handles. Mr. Landgren is considered by many attorneys in the Newport Beach area to be the “go to guy for DUI’s” due to his knowledge, reputation and experience as a Newport Beach DUI Defense Attorney. Profiled as a TOP ATTORNEY in the August edition of OCMETRO Magazine, he continues to obtain superlative results, time after time in the Harbor Court.

Accessible to his Clients

Attorney Landgren is not your typical high profile Attorney. From the initial consultation to the final hearing, Mr. Landgren is always honest with his clients and provides them with realistic expectations in relation to the potential outcome of their case. Mr. Landgren will personally handle his client’s case and promises to return all phone calls in a timely manner – he even provides his personal cell phone number to his clients. “No hype, no hassle’s no lies” is a personal work ethic to which Mr. Landgren strictly adheres. His reviews speak loudly to the attention and efforts expended on his clients behalf.

A Knowledgeable Newport Beach DUI Attorney

Mr. Landgren resides in Newport Beach. He is intimately familiar with the tactics and procedures utilized by the specialized DUI enforcement officers. Newport Police are known to observe and then stop vehicles leaving drinking establishments just to see if the driver has been drinking. With greatly reduced speeds along the Newport Peninsula, the area is a trap for unsuspecting drivers leaving the local drinking establishments. Familiarity with the Officers and their methods of operation give Mr. Landgren a substantial advantage when negotiating cases, and often leads to a dismissal of the DUI charge.

If you are arrested for a DUI by the Newport Beach Police, you need to consult with a DUI Attorney who is familiar with both the area and the police practices. Armed with that knowledge, that attorney can obtain better results than attorneys not familiar with the area or the court.  Attorney Todd Landgren is “That Attorney”! He is proud of his reputation as an aggressive and skilled DUI Trial Attorney with a winning record in the Harbor Court.

Hire a Newport Beach DUI Attorney you can TRUST

Todd Landgren values is reputation in the legal community.  He recognizes that his job, if retained, is to not only provide the best possible defense, but also to obtain results that are consistent with his client’s expectations and desires. He will evaluate your cases and provide you with realistic goals and expectations of what you can expect if you retain him as your lawyer. He has continually obtained superlative results for both local residents and visitors arrested in Newport Beach, and continues to excel with results that are “truly amazing”.

Call Todd Landgren at (949) 752 1122 today to arrange a consultation. It is important to act immediately and hire a Newport Beach DUI Attorney to save your license and learn what to expect when the charges are filed in Court. Your consultation is free and your case will be fully explained and your questions readily answered by Mr. Landgren.


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