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Do Not Go (Back) To Jail Over A Probation Violation

Probation is one of several penalties — one part of the overall sentence — typically imposed by the courts for a criminal conviction in California. If someone on probation violates any of the terms or conditions of probation, that probation may be revoked and modified or terminated as the result.

At The Law Offices of Todd Landgren, our experienced attorneys can help you smooth out this bump in the road back to freedom. We can often work with the court to resolve the triggering issue with little or no additional penalty, so long as you are willing to cooperate with our efforts to present the matter to the court in the most favorable light. The sooner you get us on board, the more we can do to help you avoid additional penalties.

VOP Hearings

If you are serving probation as part of a criminal sentence in California and you fail to comply with any of the terms or conditions of your probation, you may be arrested and charged with a violation of probation or VOP. These issues are almost always resolved prior to proceeding to a formal hearing. If you find yourself going toward a PV or VOP hearing, your problem may have already snowballed unnecessarily.

Because you were already convicted of a crime, your rights at a VOP hearing are limited. For example, a judge rather than a jury will decide if you are guilty or not guilty of violating your probation.

If the judge decides that you violated probation, that judge may amend the terms of your probation, extend the length of your probation term, or have you sent to jail. You do not want to be in the position of having denied a violation that is later found to be true.

Get us on board before an impending violation occurs, or as soon as possible if the violation already happened.

What Do I Do If I Am Accused Of Violating Probation?

The Law Offices of Todd Landgren has successfully defended scores of clients in criminal probation violation proceedings. If you are charged with a violation of probation in Southern California, contact us online – or call us at 949-535-1303 – and arrange to speak with our top-notch attorneys right away.