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Trial Attorney Bringing Positive Results To Those Accused Of DUI

Todd Landgren has more than 38 years of experience fighting DUI charges in Orange County, California.

Todd Landgren has more than 38 years of experience fighting DUI charges in Orange County, California.

  • Throughout his career, Attorney Todd Landgren has worked with more than 3,000 clients accused of DUI.
  • One of the top law firms in Irvine, you will work with a lawyer who will diligently fight for your freedom.
  • In our law firm’s reviews, clients often praise our attorneys and their unique approach: honest yet aggressive.
  • Attorney Landgren maintains a reputation as one of the best, award winning lawyers in Southern California.

The Orange County legal community agrees that Todd Landgren is the top Orange County Driving Under Influence Attorney. Here’s why:

  • Orange County DUI lawyer Todd Landgren has represented over three thousand individuals charged with Drunk Driving offenses.  His trial successes and excellent court preparation have gained him the respect of his peers in the Orange County defense community, and when polled, they refer to Todd Landgren as the Best DUI Attorney in the Orange County area.
  • Todd Landgren is familiar with and knowledgeable about the practices of the individual criminal court judges in Southern California, their sentencing policies and their individual traits. These can greatly affect the results of a client’s case, so DUI lawyers who have a familiarity with the local courts and judges are well-equipped to offer strong representation that will maximize a client’s chances of avoiding conviction.   His experience and reputation have gained him a high degree of trust with the Judges and the Court clerical staff, again, critical components in plea bargaining.
  • Orange County prosecutors differ widely in their opinions about what dispositions to offer people charged with DUI’s.  Todd Landgren has a reputation with these prosecutors as being honest, forthright and knowledgeable about DUI defense tactics and trial skills.  Knowing the prosecutors, having their respect and returning that respect are factors that result in good dispositions on DUI cases. This good reputation has benefitted many drivers who turned to Attorney Landgren after they were arrested and charged with DUI.
  • Todd Landgren is also knowledgeable about the police practices and the actions of specific officers who make the majority of DUI arrests in the various cities. With this information, the officers can often be impeached in their testimony and this can and has led to many dismissals of all DUI charges, which is the best of all results, as it allows the defendant to avoid jail time, fines and license suspension or revocation.
  • In order to be the Top Driving Under Influence attorney, you must also know the “science” of a DUI and have the knowledge and skill to use this “science” to a client’s advantage. With his years of experience and multiple hours of research and preparation, Todd Landgren knows the science of how the body processes alcohol, the science of blood and breath tests and beyond. He uses this knowledge to his advantage as he strives to win DUI cases.  His winning reputation, professionalism and abilities are why he is the best, and referred to by Orange County lawyers and satisfied clients as ”The Go To Guy for DUIs” in Southern California. If you recently had an arrest for DUI, contact Attorney Todd Landgren today for a free consultation on your case. You must act soon to avoid license suspension by the DMV and to maximize the chances of seeing a positive resolution to your case. Call 949-752-1122.

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